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Want to get fit, be part of a team, 
and enjoy the warm waters of South East Asia?

The sport of paddling offers a lifetime of recreation and personal development. Whether it's your first time or you are a seasoned pro, the journey is more enjoyable if you engage in the correct technique and training practices.

If your 9 or 99, Canoe Academy can offer an experience that is both fun and safe.  There is a seat in the boat for everyone!


It doesn't matter if you are a total novice, an elite athlete or in need of a corporate event or team building experience, our coaching sessions are structured to suit varying levels of paddlers across all types of crafts, including:

  • Surfskis,

  • Kayaks,

  • Outrigger canoes; and

  • Dragon Boats.


Canoe Academy can tailor your session to meet your needs and ability.

Typical programs are: 

Social Paddlers focus on technique while learning the basic seat positions from pacing through to steering.

Corporate events are a unique, fun and exciting team bonding experience. Physical activity in a picturesque environment is a perfect way to get to know your colleagues.

Canoe Education programs are designed to introduce students to the forever growing sport and the importance of water safety.

All of our programs are designed to help every paddler develop a deeper appreciation for the environment that they live in.  We believe paddling allows you to experience both physical exertion while enjoying nature at its best!



our services

Corporate Events

Alex Hope

"Collaboration  Communication Connection Alignment & Resilence are some of the key capabilities that organisations are looking to develop in their teams and leaders.  Rather than "sitting in a class room", the learning takes place on the waters off Sentosa.   As a Leadership Facilitator & Coach, I have partnered with Canoe Academy to deliver an enriching and fun and active learning experience through paddling.   Teams of 5, together with a Canoe Academy professional paddler, quickly learn the technique of paddling and the power of working together to drive the outrigger canoe through the water.  To add a competitive spirit to the activity, a series of races are organised and here their capacity to communicate & motivate each other and to "give that little bit extra" is encouraged.  What I really like about this experience is everyone can participate - it embraces all ages, cultures, gender and all other diversity lens.  Furthermore participants will tell you, the learning's are rich for them as an individual and as a team, they re-energise by being with nature out on the water and it creates great connection with others and a huge amount of fun! "

Social paddling

Kate Cox

"My experience with paddling started in October 2014. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Its been on my "Singapore Bucket list" for the last 9 years of being here, and finally I am ticking it off, but subsequently have found a new sport / hobby! Its well run and organized but with a very relaxed feel. I felt very welcome from my 1st day, despite my complete lack of experience. The coaches are very patient, great teachers, with lots of experience, as well as knowledgeable tour guides of southern Sentosa and the surrounding southern islands. The ever-increasing group is made up of a very friendly and diverse group of individuals of varying ages and fitness levels with a huge team spirit and communal enjoyment of being out on the water working together. 

The chance to be out on the water looking back at Singapore is both an amazing opportunity and fantastic exercise."

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Former Student - Jonathan, Junior High 4

"Many coaches around Macritchie (reservoir) will sit on shore and watch the team train. But coach goes into the water and trains with us every single time he comes down and he doesn't come down 1 or 2 days a week. He comes down almost everyday, 5-6 times a week. ... Despite being one of the biggest canoeing team (aged 13-18) due to the 6 year IP programme, coach is able to reach out to every single one of us and know each of us personally.

As his student, I not only improved tremendously in my canoeing skill, but also developed endurance and discipline which could be applied to everyday life. He also recognised my strengths and taught me to push past my limits and to never give up in difficult challenges, which helped me much in improving myself"

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