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Our Tuesday Paddling Group...

Is a fantastic way to explore Singapore and get fit with an amazing bunch of like minded people. Paddling will give you an all over body workout, focusing on core strength and upper body toning.  It is a low impact activity which makes it an enjoyable sport that is for everyone. 


We guarantee you will have fun while getting fit.​

Laughter and happiness in the boat is essential! 

Apart from the physical benefits of paddling, it has been proven that the combination of nature and exercise have significant mental health benefits. The tranquility and calmness of the open water has a very meditative effect on the brain.


Some of our paddlers have put all their hard work into action and have competed in numerous races in both Singapore and abroad, creating some life long memories and friendships. 


Experience is certainly not necessary and beginners are encouraged!

What our paddlers say!

"I would recommend anyone to join this paddling group because the experience of being at sea is absolutely wonderful;  the workout is great; the team spirit is excellent, very positive and fun; the coaches are brilliant and the learning curve is steep"  

Nathalie De Spiegeleire


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