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Denes Szaszak -
Founder & Head Coach

Head coach  and founder Denes Szaszak has decades of paddling experience and been a qualified coach for over 15 years. Denes was trained in Hungary and has competed successfully at an international level. 

Since arriving in Singapore his passion for paddling has lead to his involvement in clubs, schools and the Singapore national team. His technical skills, knowledge and caring approach have contributed to the achievements of many young and older paddlers across Singapore. 


Denes has coached the highly successful Singapore Paddle Club (SPC) since 2011 and has achieved outstanding results both domestically and internationally. Instilling higher training standards and superior stroke technique has contributed to this success. 


As the Singapore National Kayak Teams assistant coach, Denes is qualified and ready to take your performance to the next level, whether that be as a competitive paddling team, corporate team or as an individual athlete.

With such enthusiasm for  paddling, Denes makes any paddling experience enjoyable, his passion is infectious! His approachable nature, sense of humor and evident knowledge creates an environment that is both safe and fun.

His commitment and patience, coupled with his unique expertise and ability to transfer his own skill sets, make him an ideal coach. Working with students, potential Olympians and para Olympians drives him to continually educate himself in order to stay at the top of his game. 

Nicole Reeve -
Marketing & finance
Sophie - swimming coach

Nicole has a passion for paddling and is focused on introducing this unique sport to as many people as she can. Her attention to detail, responsiveness and organisation skills will guarantee  your experience with Canoe Academy, whether it be for a Corporate Event,

purchasing a boat or joining our Social Paddling Group, is positive and enjoyable.


Nicole is a qualified outrigger coach so not only does she understand what is required from an administrative perspective, she knows what it will take to get you on the water! 

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