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CanoeAcademy offer a variety of private paddling sessions. All paddlers can benefit from a one-on-one or small group session and we can certainly help find the right session for you, whether you are a beginner or an elite paddler!

 CanoeAcademy will supply boats, paddles, PFD and leashes for your class. 

Private OC1 or Surf Ski Session

75 or 90 minutes

These sessions will focus on improving technique and developing your understanding and feel for the water. Denes will work with you to determine exactly what it is you want from each session and will ensure it is tailored just for you! 

COST: $158 for 90 minutes OR $396 for 3 x 90 minutes  (16% discount)

      $128 for 75 minutes OR $345 for 3 x 75 minutes  (10% discount)

Small group OC1 or Surf Ski Session

Millers Run_edited.jpg

100 minutes

Denes will take small groups of 2-4 paddlers for a 90 minute paddle where you will focus on moving your boat faster through the water, while getting some great tips along the way! Paddlers must be competent in a single craft.

COST: $88 per paddler (2 paddlers)

      $68 per paddler (3/4 paddlers)

Double Craft Wave Class Session

100 minutes

Our Wave Class Session can be on either a Double Surf Ski or Double  Outrigger Canoe. Be ready for an experience that won't be forgotten, :) not because you will capsize ten times! You will be pushed! There are bumps out there and you will learn the most effective way to ride these bumps. Spend 90 minutes on the water with Denes and we guarantee you will have fun and will learn a lot - Beginner & Advanced Paddlers welcome! 

COST: $175 for 90 minutes

Video Analysis

Video analysis gives you meaningful feedback and will help you understand the corrections and instructions that Denes has highlighted to you throughout your session. Our deep dive analysis will drill down to specific areas that require a little more focus, helping you connect and improve your technique. Your personalised analysis will be sent to you within 3-7 days after your session .

COST: $95 per video

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