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Corporate events


Canoe Academy offers corporate events in either 

Dragon Boats or Outrigger Canoes

Both activities teach crew members the importance of working together. Once the team understands that everyone has an important role in the boat, only then will the boat hum and move effortlessly through the water. 


We believe the skills involved, such as, communication, trust and mutual respect, whilst putting egos aside, can be learnt on the water and then successfully transferred into corporate life. 


Outrigger canoeing teaches you a special `spirit` that everyone is equal.. Everyone is important.. And when this group of 6 people can work hard together then they become One... One heart, One soul...

Have fun with your colleagues outside the customary work roles and perhaps enjoy the sunset or sunrise on the amazing South China Sea or with Singapore's gorgeous city skyline in the background. 

Each event is tailored to suit your groups requirements, Canoe Academy will work closely with you to make sure your event is unique and unforgettable!

All equipment will be provided by Canoe Academy, plus full instruction from qualified coaches. Contact us today to arrange a time to discuss your organization`s needs and how we can provide a wonderful outdoor experience for your companies most important resources.

Paddling is an amazing team building experience that combines both fitness and fun on the water. 

The challenges help build team morale & communication. 

"As a Leadership Facilitator & Coach, I have partnered with Canoe Academy to deliver an enriching and fun and active learning experience through paddling."   Alexandra Hope   read more.....

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