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Many schools across Singapore are choosing to introduce paddle sports as part of their Co-Curricular Activities (CCA). Canoe Academy offers Students the paddling experience while enjoying Singapore's many waterways and other Nature reserves, such as Macritchie Reservoir, Kallang Basin and Sentosa. Canoe Academy believes in a student centric and value driven education through sport, closely aligning us to the Ministry of Educations CCA framework and philosophy of Character and Citizenship Education.

Denes was one of the first coaches in Singapore to have completed the "Coaching in Singapore Schools Sports Workshop". With a national drive to encourage students to participate in sport, Canoe Academy understand the importance of having passionate and highly dedicated coaches to support student athletes, encouraging them to continue with their sport beyond graduation and making lifelong healthy choices, both physically and emotionally.

Our programs are designed to help children appreciate and develop their knowledge of our natural environment, assisting them with their understanding of the importance of conservation and long term sustainability of these natural habitats and eco-systems. Making this type of activity an incredibly important and enriching part of any school curriculum, going beyond even the physical aspect.

"Training under him is a great honor, and in the 2 years, the values he imparted to us were invaluable. Discipline, focus and fortitude could not be learnt in the boundaries of the classroom, but outside of it. Under Coach Denes, these values were ingrained in us through rigorous training and his constant guidance. These same values are something I champion today, and in no other place have I learnt them."  

Former Student, 2012


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