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Aquarius Academy

Our Aquarius Academy is designed for children aged 8 to 16. The academy has a fleet of youth-specific designed surf skis and a number of experienced and accredited coaches.


The Aquarius Academy teaches children various skills, including, but not limited to;

  • how to manoeuvre their ski effectively and efficiently

  • how to remount their own ski and help others

  • the importance of ocean safety (equipment, tides & currents, weather) 

  • the enjoyment of how to ride waves


Aquarius Academy offers various options and we cater for all abilities, experience and fitness. Your child’s safety comes first, life jackets are mandatory and will be provided by us. 

Private Aquarius Session

60 minutes

COST: $88  for one session 

      $225 for three sessions 


Double Aquarius Session (2 paddlers)

COST: $75  for one session (per paddler)

      $195 for three sessions (per paddler)

75 minutes

School holiday Aquarius Camps

120 minutes for 3 days

Our School Holiday Aquarius programs are capped at a maximum of five paddlers per session.  The kids will learn how to keep each other safe on the water while also enjoying the company of their peers.  



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